Technology Club Creates Helpful MacBook Shortcuts Project

Over the school year the Technology Club decided to create a Macbook shortcuts project. They worked on a Powerpoint which displayed each Macbook shortcut as well as demonstrated how to use each shortcut. This project is sure to help make work quicker and more efficient. The O’Hara community would like to thank Ryan McLean, Royce Ogujiofor, and club moderator Ms. Shields for their diligent work. We are so proud of the final product! Advancement Intern Erin Donovan ‘20 was lucky enough to sit down with Ryan and Royce to ask some questions. Here are their responses:


1. Why did you decide to do this project?

Ryan: Royce and I decided to do this project because we felt like it was something worthwhile to do for the school. We wanted to contribute something that would last. Since there are many students and teachers out there that use MacBooks, we figured they would want to know some simple shortcuts to make their lives easier, especially if they were new to using MacBooks.

Royce: We [Technology Club] decided early on we wanted to compile information via Youtube video, PDF, PowerPoint, etc. This information would be sent to the student body to use as a reference during the school year.

2. Who else participated (students and staff)

Ryan: For the most part, the project was done mainly by Royce and I. Of course, Ms. Shields was there to supervise and offer her advice here and there, but other than that it was mostly Royce and I. 

Royce: It was primarily Ryan and I that worked on the slides, alongside Ms. Shields’ supervision.  

3. How long did it take to create this project?

Ryan: I would say that this project took about two and a half weeks to complete. In the beginning phases, Royce and I would be on the phone outside of the club meetings trying to figure out what we wanted to do and how we would make the project come about. The one positive thing about this particular project was that once we were able to visualize and create the first few slides, the rest was simply copied and pasted with some tweaks here and there. 

Royce: It took us about ten days in total, spread over around three and a half weeks. Each week we would usually meet on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Sometimes on other days, Ryan and I would spend a couple of hours working on the slides.


4. How did you learn about all the information involved in the slides?

Ryan: At first, Royce and I listed all the shortcuts we knew on a separate document until we couldn’t think of anything else. Since we felt like it wasn’t enough, we started researching using websites and some Youtube videos. After the shortcuts, I went and researched the touchpad shortcuts while Royce found the shortcuts for various symbols.

Royce: The first few slides were ones we had prior knowledge of, while the vast majority were from scouring numerous websites. And a few of them were ones that we found accidentally. 

5. What is your favorite Macbook shortcut to use?

Ryan: Personally, my favorite shortcut to use is “Command-F” which is the finding words in a document shortcut. I like this shortcut because I think it is extremely useful for when you have a long passage or article in front of you and some questions. For example, if I have to go back in the passage for whatever reason to locate one sentence amidst the entire passage, I can simply use “Command-F” to locate it faster. This command is also useful when it comes to doing heavy research. 

Royce:  My favorite shortcut to use is Command + F. It is very handy when it comes to finding information quickly on a website or document. 

6. What’s up next for the club?

Ryan:  Royce and I have been working on another project for the school. We decided to make a troubleshooting guide for MacBooks. This project was much larger and more tedious than the shortcut project so we have dedicated many more hours to completing it. We aim to release this project early next year when MacBooks are distributed so that if students encounter a problem, they can refer to it and possibly fix it on their own instead of bringing it to the tech office for numerous days at a time. After we finish that project, we will hopefully start looking for more members for the tech club so it is not just Royce and I.  Also, since we will be in-person next year, we can do more physical projects. 

Royce: We have another slideshow in the works. It’s going to be bigger and better than the last!

Thank you again Tech Club for your hard work. We look forward to trying all of the different shortcuts. 

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