The 2021 Archdiocese of Philadelphia Golf Regular Season Champion Thomas Larkin

Famous golfer Arnold Palmer once said, “Success in this game depends less on strength of body than strength of mind and character.” Senior Thomas Larkin proved this quote true this season on the golf course. Head Coach Caramanico stated, “Thomas has the perfect attitude and demeanor to play great golf. Always a smile, never too upset at a missed fairway or a putt that doesn’t drop. It’s hard to tell if he is two under or two over par.”

Thomas started playing golf in fifth grade thanks to his dad who introduced him to the game. From that day forward, Thomas was interested in the sport. As a senior, Thomas had many obligations this year and while many times it was hard for him to squeeze practice into his schedule he always made sure to make time for golf. Coach Caramanico said, “He is dedicated to the game, a hard worker who is always practicing or playing.” Thomas consistently went to the range at night and found this made a big difference in his performance.  

Going into the championship Thomas had a good mindset, he felt prepared and was confident in his game. He mentioned that he was at the point where he could trust himself and that is always his main goal. At the same time, this match was bittersweet since it was Thomas’s last high school championship, but Thomas was able to use that thought as motivation to fuel him to play well. Thomas can credit that confident mindset and feeling of preparedness to Coach Caramanico. Thomas reflected, “Coach Caramanico is awesome. He is hands down one of the nicest people I have ever met. He always reminds us to go out and enjoy playing the match. I think that’s really important not to take things too seriously. Coach understands that and reminds us before every match.” 

Thomas’s character also shined through on the course. Coach Caramanico added, “He is not only a great golfer but a wonderful person and teammate. He is always talking to his teammates, seniors to freshman, good players to average players, complimenting them and encouraging them to be their best.” Thomas is a true team leader. While he played the championship round, he explained that he was always thinking about his teammates, wondering how they were performing, and hoping they were doing well. 

After all of Thomas’s hardwork and determination, he was able to accomplish his best achievement in his O’Hara Golf Career, becoming the 2021 Archdiocese of Philadelphia Golf Regular Season Champion. Thomas won the title with a score of 15.45. When Thomas found out that he won, he felt ecstatic as it was a goal he had been working towards since he started playing for O’Hara. Coach Caramanico called Thomas right after he found out about the win and this made Thomas feel great. Congratulations to Thomas on a successful senior season and we wish him the best of luck with his golf career in the future as he plans to continue to play for the University of the Sciences.  

By Erin Donovan ’20

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