I will always and forever be proud to call myself a Lion!

Earlier last week I was asked along with four of my classmates to represent Cardinal O’Hara on Fox 29 News. We were asked to model prom dresses and talk about how different prom would be this year due to the pandemic. I was thrilled and excited to be a part of this experience and it made me reflect on how well Cardinal O’Hara has handled the pandemic in relation to major senior year events. Before the school year started, I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to experience all of the quintessential senior experiences that many teenagers look forward to during their high school career. Would I get to go to prom with my friends? Would I get to go to graduation? Would I get to walk across the stage in my cap and gown? These were some of my major worries, but now I know that I no longer have to stress about missing out on these things, and that is all thanks to Cardinal O’Hara’s dedication to handling the pandemic in a responsible way, while still acknowledging the student’s concerns. 

I am beyond grateful for our administration and all of the work they have done to ensure that our seniors have the best year possible. They have worked so incredibly hard to provide us with all of these events. I am ecstatic to be able to wear my prom dress and have a prom experience during such a difficult time. 

Being asked to represent the Cardinal O’Hara fashion show on Fox 29 News helped me to realize just how lucky I am to be a Cardinal O’Hara student. Showing up and picking out a dress to wear reminded me of how excited I was for the junior prom I never got to have, but it also boosted my spirits because it reassured me that I don’t need to worry about that happening again. When I walked in front of the camera in a gorgeous gold sequin gown, and Jen Fredericks told me I looked like a model, it gave me a rush of joy and a taste of the excitement I know I will feel when I attend my real senior prom. All of the girls invited to model the gowns looked gorgeous and I can guarantee that they felt that same rush of excitement as I did. 

Katie Menta, one of the other senior girls who was asked to be on the news, wore a stunning hot-pink dress and can attest to the previous sentiments I felt towards O’Hara saying: “After losing hope of being able to experience a true senior year with the people I’ve grown to know these past four years, O’Hara definitely outshined themselves with providing us with a fashion show, prom, baccalaureate, and graduation to look forward to in the near future. Speaking for my class, I can definitely say these events are what we all have been awaiting for and are appreciative of the fact that it is even possible.”

I can confidently say that the whole of the class of ‘21 is incredibly grateful for how much time, energy, and care our administration has put into ensuring us seniors that we experience every senior staple, and we can’t wait to see what else O’Hara has in store for us in our final months as Lions. And for these reasons, and so many more, I will always and forever be proud to call myself a Lion!

Written By: Olivia Wick ’21

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