Meet Ms. McGeehan

I had the opportunity to interview our long-term sub, Ms. McGeehan. She is teaching ELA for freshmen and seniors. I really enjoyed my time speaking with her, and I’m so excited to share what I’ve learned about her.

Growing up, Ms. McGeehan attended Our Lady of Perpetual Help grade school. After high school, she attended Temple University.  Her favorite thing about school was always English class. She says that she especially enjoyed anything that involved creative writing. Ms. McGeehan decided that she wanted to pursue a job as a teacher simply because of how much she loved school as a child.

As one of her students, I can say my classmates and I really enjoy her teaching style. Ms. McGeehan likes to keep a comfortable atmosphere in the classroom, and she always makes sure that she takes our ideas into consideration. She would describe the goal of her class atmosphere as “laid back and collaborative.” Ms. McGeehan likes to motivate students to succeed by keeping topics relevant in her lessons. She utilizes pop culture in to help her do so. Ms. McGeehan also enjoys running in her free time, but of course hasn’t had much opportunity to recently because of the snow.

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to get to know more about Ms. McGeehan, and we are so happy to have her at Cardinal O’Hara!

Sophie Reinhardt ‘24

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