Mr. Mounayar is Back Where He Belongs

Math has always been Mr. Mounayar’s favorite thing to do. To him, there’s no better feeling than getting the correct answer and working with students so that they are able to get the right answer and feel this satisfaction. “The subject matter is definitely the reason I became a teacher,” Mr. Mounayar states. “Teaching math is a profession that guarantees doing around five hours of math everyday. I couldn’t think of anything else I would rather be doing.” This spirit led Mr. Mounayar to Muhlenberg College in Allentown. Although he only learned about the school because he was recruited to play football there, he left with not only an undergraduate degree but a place that truly felt like home (and still does to this day). After receiving a master’s in mathematics from Villanova University, Mr. Mounayar student taught at O’Hara in the Spring of 2016, worked at Carroll, and recently returned to the Lion’s Den this school year.

When reflecting on his time here so far, Mr. Mounayar has nothing but positive things to say. “The faculty, especially the math department, as well as my students have made the transition really easy. I have felt extremely welcome and am glad that all my students are working so hard despite the added strife that this year has been under because of the outside world. I couldn’t be happier here!” His feelings were mutual about his students as he has “been blessed with a great group of students in each one of his classes.” Although the pandemic has made teaching math a challenge, Mr. Mounayar has made several adjustments to ensure that his students are learning. By transitioning to virtual notes, practice problems, and assessments, Mr. Mounayar ensures that every student, whether hybrid or virtual, receives the same attention and exposure to the material. 

Outside of the classroom, Mr. Mounayar plays football and is a football coach. He played both offense and defense in high school and college and also received an honorable mention in the All-Centennial Conference as a senior defensive lineman in college. Some of his fondest memories have to do with the game, such as winning the Centennial Conference in his freshman and senior years. In addition, making friends and building lifelong relationships shaped who he is today. Mr. Mounayar knew he wanted to coach when he became a teacher and fortunate circumstances helped him begin this new path. The new head football coach at Carroll was actually one of his teammates and was looking for some teachers to help out. Ever since then, Mr. Mounayar has taken on the role of teacher and coach.

Although teaching math during the pandemic may not be ideal, Mr. Mounayar has not let this stop him from doing what he loves. “I truly believe that students who want to learn will be able to no matter what the circumstances are, so most of my students have been doing great.” Mr. Mounayar’s goals for his students are not just to help them improve their math skills, but to inspire them to improve as human beings during their time in high school. Whether it is supporting them as they take standardized tests or building friendships in class, Mr. Mounayar’s class isn’t just grounded in mathematics but collaboration and we could not be more excited that his journey has led him to Cardinal O’Hara High School.

Written By: Katie Tuberosa ’21

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